Jürgen Durner

Window pictures

Jürgen Durner has been painting window pictures since 1992. The mirrored glass pane is a central motif. The overlay of the visible, spatial objects due to the mirror foils of the reflecting glass panes plays an important role. The potentiated reality of the faded objectivity allows the artist to implement an irritation of the everyday, urban appearance world. The “normal gaze” penetrates through the thicket of visual obstacles to the desired object. Durner’s gaze, on the other hand, remains strangely objective and neutral towards the totality of all appearances. Apparently banal things are intertwined with accessories, modern design, often vertical architectural elements and extreme lighting situations. The light, especially the artificial light of the night, becomes the leading expression medium. Durner turns the normal gaze around and focuses on a certain section of the coexistence of all things in a precise manner. His gaze is obsessively subtle. He lives from the conviction that every surface is a result of reflection. The images span between abstract, flat spatial levels and rhythmic textures. Walls become transparent, plays of light appear in deep shadows. The focus is on a strong evaluation of bright primary colors, which often have a very transparent and fine glaze effect. We perceive a poeticization and aestheticization of our gray everyday world, which we can definitely see as an enrichment of beauty.



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