Susanne Auslender – Infos

Susanne Auslender was born in Saarbrücken in 1964. After spending two years in Brazil, she studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

From the very beginning, Susanne Auslender has chosen figurative images as themes in her art. One major focus of her work is devoted to depictions of flowers. Multifaceted variations of the flower as a delicate, organic, natural phenomenon take shape out of roughly sawn wood. Every flower in itself becomes a manifestation of shape. Stems and leaves in a monochromatic colour pallet sprout out of cube-shaped wooden pedestals, growing so closely together that the compact materiality of the wood only thins out close to the blossoms. Other flowers stand alone on a base, seeming to teeter in spite of their obvious solidity.

Occasionally, the impression that is evoked is of dancing movement studies in which order is disrupted again and again by individual deviations.

The electric saw releases those vigorous shapes from an array of different woods, such as cedar, plum, oak, yew or robinia. Tension is created by the

relationship between matter and space on the one hand and by the dialectic between the difficulty of the work process and the effortlessness of their outward appearance on the other. Furthermore, the colour energies of a painting effect using red and purple or a blue-green contrast generate a truly special vitality.

In a roundabout way – with flowers – Susanne Auslender tells us that well-tried themes from art history can definitely be reworked again, with reference to formal aspects as well as content.

In 2006 she was awarded the Prize for Sculpture of Villa Mohr in Munich. She has taken part in a large number of sculptor symposiums and showed her works in various exhibitions, at international art shows and in public spaces, such as in Stockstadt am Rhein, at the Orangerie Darmstadt, the Hamburg Sculpture Part and the Bansapark Neu-Isenburg.