Martin Joppen




Martin Joppen

In October 1986, Martin Joppen founded Martin Joppen Photographie GmbH in Frankfurt am Main and has since worked as a photographer for companies in the region as well as throughout Germany and Europe. His repertoire ranges from “People” to “Men at Work”, “Technology” to “Architecture” and includes classic portrait photography and reportage as well as technical shots and the development of company-specific imagery.

Martin Joppen has always sold photographs “on the wall” and decided in 2018 to deal intensively with the subject of photo art. With success: His series “USA-Struktur-Kraft””Polo on Snow” and “Frankfurter Strukturen” have already been exhibited several times.

Since 2009, Martin Joppen has been intensively engaged in the subject of photo art. With success: His series “USA-Struktur-Kraft”, “Polo on Snow” and “Frankfurter Strukturen” have been exhibited at the Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt), the World Economic Forum (Davos), the Fotogalerie nugloss (Frankfurt), among others.

The series “Frankfurt Structures” demands from the viewer an intensive examination of the metropolis. The photographer sometimes abstracts the photographs to such an extent that the facades are no longer recognizable as such. Through blurring and distortion, Martin Joppen alienates his works.

The works require a close look, only then do you discover details that refer to the city of Frankfurt – such as the Pegasus of the Alte Oper in front of the facade of the Opernturm or the reflection of the Messeturm in the glass facade of the Deutsche Bank. Look, discover, recognize and experience Frankfurt anew.

Since 2014, the artist has been working again and again on the series “dieBank”. In the meantime, motifs from Florence, Zurich and New York etc. can be found again. The photographs tell little stories of family happiness, eternal friendship and carefree childhood. The artist also captures moments of relaxation and tranquility again and again in his photographs.

The photographs “USA-Struktur-Kraft” show color-intensive landscape and nature shots, photographed in California and Hawaii (USA) as well as at the St. Gotthard (Switzerland).




Frankfurter Strukturen2, World Econimic Forum, Davos

Werkschau, Atelier Martin Joppen

Frankfurter Strukturen, Fotogalerie nugloss, Frankfurt

Frankfurter Strukturen, Leica Galerie, Frankfurt

Joshua Tree, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt
Polo on Snow, Leica Galerie, Frankfurt

USA – Struktur – Kraft, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt



“USA – Structure – Power”: Color-intensive landscape and nature photographs taken in California and Hawaii (USA) and at the St. Gotthard (Switzerland)


“USA2”: extraordinary, almost surreal landscape photographs in Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs (USA)

“Polo on Snow”: photos full of dynamics and colorful radiance of the fascinating sport, taken on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the St. Moritz Polo Tournament (Switzerland)


Nature and animal photos

“Frankfurt Structures”: Reduction to the essentials, the structure of buildings, makes Frankfurt skyline appear in a new light


“iPhone-iPhoto-i365 – 365 days in the eye of the apple” – every day an upload – photos taken and edited with the iPhone


“dieBANK”: streetphotography, telling stories of people retreating to “dieBANK” in public space