Paul Mathey

The art of simplicity – Is it possible to stage silence?

Everyday objects can be found on Paul Mathey’s paintings – a vase, fruits,a glass, usually on a plain surface. The staging removes the spatiality and directs the focus to the objects. Trivial subjects, which you encounter on a daily basis and hardly pay attention to. Taken out of their common context they form the main motifs of the presentation. One finds no narrative, no expectation, no intention – only the objects, which confronts us in their simplicity. The accurate observation and can rest on one thing without being distracted by the next is the main aspect in Matheys art works. No exuberance, just the enjoyment of simplicity and the moment. In their simplicity, the objects are vehicles, that put us in a contemplative condition. We are only reflected to our personal feelings.
Paul Mathey stages a moment of pause and silence in his works.