Myriam Quiel – Info

Myriam Quiels work depicts fragments of the external circumstances she lives in,seen through her personal filter of art. She combines certain impressions of daily life situations using objects that seem to be suitable to transport a feeling of these circumstances.


It is always about the question of reality, how she experienced it as an artist. The objects she paints are real, touchable; their different facets she documents on the canvas. She developes a kind of painted collage of her experiences.

The associations the viewer gets are not based on a story she tells; they more remind us of the stories we keep inside ourselves. The protagonists of her paintings are not alive, but they replace life in an artificial term. Toys, action and phantasy – figures are exaggerated by themselves, their unusual shapes show power and brutality.
Myriam Quiel builds still lifes, installations, models of reality consisting of trash, packaging, plants, flowers. Rooms and landscapes appear who symbolize the withered part of our environment.

Something happened in these arrangements but we cannot figure out exactly what it is. A frozen situation like a still life interests her. Beauty is not in the focus, it is more the chaos, the unsteadiness that is shown.

She reminds us with her work of the morbid elements of the Old Masters’ still lifes as well where dead animals and rotten fruit are playing a central role.

Without repeating these themes directly she keeps something of this atmosphere in mind while preparing her still lives. Abstract patterns or rasters stand in contrast to blurred shapes; she kind of stabilizes the undefined forms with these graphic elements.

We do not find a “finished” painting, it is more a kind of never ending story. Destroying and building new, fixing a status quo is more her intension than searching harmony. Using outlying things or trash to create these modern still lifes she shows our relationship to the material world, reflects our lifestyle.