Lars Möller

Lars Möller was born in 1968 in Hamburg, where he still lives and works today. He completed his studies with Professor Erhard Göttlicher at the FH Hamburg in the subjects of painting and graphics. Ten years ago he was himself a lecturer in color and form at HAW Hamburg. His paintings can be classified as North German Realism, especially with his interpretations of the landscapes of the North and his seascapes.

Water in its changing manifestations has always exerted a great fascination on people and is one of the preferred objects of study for painters. Like no other motif, the element in constant motion challenges the artist. A trademark of his seascapes is the smearing of paint on the lateral edges of the canvas. In this way Möller breaks up the clearly drawn boundary of the painting and brings movement into the experience of his painting. In addition to water paintings, Lars Möller also shows landscape paintings. The port of Hamburg, rough sea, barren river landscapes and flooded fields are recurring motifs of the artist, these he paints in oil paint on canvas, often in different shades of grey.

Since 1998 Lars Möller is a member of the “Norddeutschen Realisten”. Although all of Lars Möller’s paintings depict – the water, the sky or people – the Hamburg painter does not work narratively. “I do not tell anything, I create timeless situations in my paintings, which give the viewer the opportunity to remember. I am interested in painting the elemental,” says the artist.




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