Julia Belot – Info

Julia Belot was born in Pskov, Russia, in 1969. She initially earned a university degree in Biology. Then – seeking new means of expression – she commenced studies at the State Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, which she successfully completed in 1997. Since then she has worked as an artist; she lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The painting of Julia Belot communicates a purely positive message. Whether individual people, urban scenes or depictions of Nature – the artist invariably aims to reflect positive moments and moods in her works. Her objective is to convey a feeling of happiness to the viewer, to remind him of the beautiful things in life and help him escape the humdrum of day-to-day life for a brief instant.

Using a vibrant and multifaceted colour pallet which reflects the underlying themes of her painting, she captures subjects in oil on canvas that sometimes seem fanciful.

Besides diverse flower and plant motifs with tendrils and blossoms that weave a dense canopy on her canvases, the fascination emanating from Julia Belot lies in her depiction of children and older people. The reason she gives for her enthusiasm is that children cannot hide their

feelings and moods: everything is reflected in their faces and can thus be incorporated into the painting. By contrast, older people’s facial expressions and structures reveal clues to their past lives – lives that have been shaped by all manner of events and experiences. It is not least because of that source of inspiration that the artist frequently devotes herself to the theme of portraits.

In 2004 Julia Belot received the Gutenberg Scholarship of the City of Mainz. In 2009 she was a scholarship holder in the master class of Xenia Hausner. In 2010 she was awarded the Jury Prize of the City of Annweiler am Trifels.

Her works have already been on display in numerous solo and group exhibitions and have been shown at various art societies and other public institutions.