Jürgen Wolf – Info

Jürgen Wolf was born in Schweinfurt in 1958. After earning a degree in Roman Catholic Theology in Würzburg and Vienna – which still influences his artistic work today – in the mid eighties he decided to study Art as well as Art History in Frankfurt am Main. Since 1990 Jürgen Wolf has lived and worked in Cologne.


His fundamental tendencies are derived from Romanticism, whereby he creates correlations between the sublime and the ridiculous.

Objects, animals and nudes constantly trigger confusion in his pictures, forcing the viewer to search for meaningful context. Cult, kitsch, art, a beautiful female body, microcosm, macrocosm – all of those themes converge in his works, generating contradictions and at the same time establishing new interconnections. Quite frequently, Wolf’s

work is also pervaded with a trace of eroticism, which is not only evident in the incorporation of nude images into his pictorial worlds.

Jürgen Wolf was just recently honoured with the Young Masters Art Prize 2014 in London.

His works can be found internationally in numerous private as well as public collections and have been on display in diverse solo and group exhibitions.