Helle Jetzig – Info

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Helle Jetzig was born in 1956 in Emden. He studied at the University of Osnabrück, Germany from 1978 to 1984. Working stays and journeys through Europe, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Cuba and Taiwan build the picture pool of his art.

Based on the photographed urban canyons of New York, Frankfurt and other metropolises, architectures or industrial plants in black and white, the artist creates – in a tedious process – works with a spatial depth effect.

Layer after layer, complex compositions are generated by including picture elements like silk screens, multiple colour levels and lacquer coatings. Helle Jetzig creates different picture realities and lets them scrutinize themselves: the objective and at the same time abstract character of the black and white photography, the photo mounting, the sketch like silk screen, the physical presence of lacquer coatings or metals, informal painting and last but not least the colour itself that demonstrates its own reality.

In the works of Helle Jetzig, all these elements merge to a new unity with a fascinating depth effect.

In October 2007 the artist’s work has been exhibited at the gallery for the first time. He has also been very well received at the Cologne art fair in fall. From December 9 until January 13, 2008 Helle Jetzigs works were shown in a museum exhibition at the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche in Osnabrück.

A new catalog, titled “realities” has been produced and is available at the booth. The next solo show in Frankfurt will be in October 2009.