Cveta Markova

Cveta Markova was born in Bulgaria in 1978; she completed her studies in art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Plovdiv successfully in the year 2000. From 2002 until 2004 she continued her art education at the Frankfurt Academy of Fine Art (Städelschule) under Prof. Michael Kreber.
She infuses her works with strong emotionalism and expressiveness thanks to her precise powers of observation and well-developed sense of colour. Markova alternates between broad brush strokes and highly detailed workmanship in her depictions of those she portrays. The colour scheme she uses is largely made up of subdued shades. That achieves a sensuous, somewhat mysterious effect. She accentuates individual details with vibrant colours in order to communicate vitality, impulsiveness and positive energy.

The artist takes an intensive approach to depictions of people at the figurative as well as abstract levels. Her works are created by means of several superimposed glazing layers, thus highlighting her dedicated and fervent creativity. She intentionally leaves some details unfinished in order to make the creative process visible for the viewer and open up scope for interpretation. While incorporating a diverse range of themes, she places a major focus on depicting light, dynamic energy and transparency. Again and again she embraces new creative experiences and preserves an open and dynamic approach to her work.

Cveta Markova’s works have already been shown at a large number of solo and group exhibitions. Among other things at various exhibition halls, such as the Portikus venue in Frankfurt, the Art Centre Puschkin in Antwerp, the MVB Forum and the art association Kunstverein Eisenturm in Mainz.



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