Christof Paul – Info

In his sculptural works, most of which are made out of wood, the sculptor Christof Paul realises a very special interplay of various different components, harmonising them effectively with one another. Christof Paul loves creating something new out of the urbane and simultaneously delicate material. The rough and untouched structures of different types of wood which the artist uses for his works provide him with inspiration during that creative process time and time again. What fascinates him is the resulting symbiosis of precision, loving attention to detail and the raw authenticity of wood. The artist seeks and finds the motifs for his sculptures in society at large and in Nature. The subject matter of his depictions may be human as well as animal.

Working on the basis of a sketch prepared in advance, he starts releasing the basic shape of the future sculpture with the aid of a power saw. Once he has found it, you can literally watch how his works gradually evolve into a concrete vision. By skillfully incorporating glances, gestures and poses, Christof Paul infuses his works with a vibrancy and expressiveness that cast a spell on the observer from the very first moment.
With a keen eye for the latest in fashion trends, he dresses his figurative works in colourful clothing, also enhancing it with patterns and vital details using filigree painting techniques.