Christof Paul – Biography

born in Frankfurt am Main

1994 – 1997
three years of training as a wood carver in Frankfurt am Main

1999 – 2002
studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in the class for figurative sculpture under Prof. Christian Höpfner.


November 2002 Cultural award from Frankfurter Volksbank in the thematic category Water
August 2002 Award from the foundation Dannerstiftung in the thematic category Group in Stone


Works in public spaces

“Trialog-Brunnen”, i.e. Trialogue Fountain, for Brunnenschule, a school in Bad Vilbel

“Quellbrunnen”, i.e. Spring Fountain, for the public square Niddaplatz in Bad Vilbel

Stela project “Siedler auf dem Heilsberg”, i.e. Settlers on Heilsberg. 6 wooden stela, 3 generations of settlers.Figurative representation commemorating the settlers of the town district
Sculpture (O.T.) from the Eruptions Series in Burgpark Bad Vilbel

“Georg-Büchner-Stein”, stone commemorating the writer Georg Büchner at the secondary school named after him G.-B.-Gymnasium in Bad Vilbel

“Liesel” sculpture for traffic circle in Burg-Gräfenrode

“Shri Ganapati”, wooden sculpture in Karben Sculpture Park
Stone–water object “Quellstein”, i.e. Rock Fountain, in town centre of Bad Vilbel