Cameron Rudd – Info

Cameron Rudd was born in Australia in 1973 and grew up in England. He completed his studies at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. The artist has lived and worked in Berlin since 2001. The primary medium of Cameron Rudd is large-scale paintings. He finds appropriate subjects amidst the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the German capital city.

Whether water scenes by or on the surrounding lakes, sequences from busy streets in the city centre as well as the urban areas on the periphery, or dynamic life at various funfairs and amusement parks – his spirited use of colour and juxtaposition of light and dark as well as strong complementary colours constantly generates an exaggeration of the inherently documentary content of the motifs.
The various scenes are captured in advance with the aid of a video camera and – like a film still – they are recreated as painted snapshots. This work method is especially noticeable in the artist’s current series, which depicts a huge variety of amusement park rides caught in dynamic motion.

In addition to numerous international solo and group exhibitions at diverse galleries, in 2005 his works were on display at Vleeshal Museum in Middleburg, Holland. Furthermore, Cameron Rudd has already won many prizes for his work as an artist. Among other things, the Marks & Spencer Award as Young Artist of the Year in the year 1995; in the following year he was awarded the Critics’ Choice, a commendation from the Warrington Art Gallery Annual Open; in 1998 he was the first prize winner of Inspirit of Maidstone Art Gallery & Museum; in 2005 he received the first prize of the Association of Berlin Artists and in 2007 he won an invitation to tender bids extended by the Boston Consulting Group.