Bruno Feger

The monumental flowers and plants made of steel, wax and resin make an imposing, nearly fantastic impression on us: Bruno Feder divorces them from their actual purpose and the manifestations that are familiar to us, staging them in public spaces and in natural environments. Whether as a single isolated plant or placed in groups, they thrust heavenwards with steely force in a quite matter of fact fashion.

For example, our eyes are drawn along a steel pipe several metres in length, which pushes towards the sky in a curving tangent, but nevertheless with static vertical force. Two oval-shaped steel leaves made of tiny plates of material unfurl at the tip. The welding seams are still clearly visible. Individual pieces that were previously cut out of a large steel plate are fused together to create a new shape.



Bruno Feger – Atelierfest von Galerie von Stechow on Vimeo.


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