Angel Peychinov – Info

The artist was born in 1977 in Bulgaria; he studied in his native country at the Academy of Art in Plovdiv and from 2001 to 2007 at the Frankfurt Academy of Fine Art (Städelschule) under Professors Hermann Nitsch, Simon Starling and Christa Näher. From 2006 to 2007 Angel Peychinov was a scholarship holder of the foundation Dr. Hans-Werner Dildei Stiftung. In 2007 he graduated as a master class student of Professor Näher.


In his painting, Angel Peychinov pursues a virtuoso kind of hyperrealism. The central focus of his work is the beautiful, unblemished skin of young women, covered with a bare minimum of textiles. The artist devotes the same attention and precision to details, such as gleaming metal buttons or fabric folds, as he does to the skin tones or gestures of the figures that he portrays. The movement of fabric and body plays a crucial role in his works.
The viewer can tangibly feel the suppleness of a silk scarf as well as the force with which it has been twisted around the hair of the protagonist. Peychinov’s figures often seem lost in thought, almost melancholy.

Classic triangular and pyramidal shapes serve as underpinnings in the formal structure of Peychinov’s pictures. It is clearly evident that his hyperrealistic painting was preceded by intensive study of the old masters – he mentions Michelangelo and Rembrandt. Peychinov has already had the opportunity to demonstrate his masterful craftsmanship in a large number of group exhibitions, among other things in various exhibition spaces, the graduates’ exhibition of the Städelschule, the District Museum of Buchen, the Portikus in Frankfurt and at German art fairs. Angel Peychinov’s first solo exhibition after completing his art studies in Bulgaria was at the Art Centre Puschkin in Antwerp. Since then his pictures have already been on display at various solo and group exhibitions.